9 Steps to create the perfect
linkedin profile

What you will learn:

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimizing to be found on LinkedIn Search
  • Professional Writing of tagline and description
  • Strategy Session to identify targeted traffic generation and clearly define your unique target audience
LinkedIn Expert

It took me more than 5 years to master LinkedIn, but since then something unexpected has happened…

I fell in love with LinkedIn and helped businesses grow online.

I’m Anzel, founder and owner of The Purple Giraffes from the beautiful Cape Town in South Africa.

I’ve worked in corporate for 5+ years and then as an Information Technology Teacher for 2 years. I knew that something was missing in my work-life, but didn’t know what it was.

After three years of taking a break, working on myself and figuring out what I REALLY wanted to do, I realized that I want to help grow businesses.

I do all of this because I, too, started as a struggling entrepreneur and understand how it feels to be stressed, overwhelmed and not know what to do.

I now help business coaches to fall in love with LinkedIn.