About Me

“Do you hate fluff and pointless chatter? Me too, so when I write copy, I like to grab attention, get to the point and make every word count.”

It all started with an extremely slow laptop and a 10-gig pocket router.

Never had I thought I would have my own business, never mind being a ghostwriter.

When in school, I would close my eyes and visualise where I would be in my career.

I saw myself in an office, sitting behind a big desk, an indoor plant in the corner with green and yellow leaves.

I was a director of some sort, with managers and teams “under” me.

Little did I know how my life would change and have a completely different outlook on life.

I had different jobs, from Project Administrator to teaching High School learners Java.

Life happens, and between July 2015 and September 2017, I was consumed with recovering from alcoholism and addiction and managing my depression and anxiety.

I had two businesses before The Purple Giraffes.

September 2017: Teaching programming and MS Office.

It lasted 3 months.

2018: Grew WWWEB DYNAMIX into a digital marketing agency – website design, SEO and Social Media management.

It lasted 3 years.

I learnt through many business failures.

The most important thing I’ve learnt was to move Forward After Failing Fast.

2021: I started The Purple Giraffes as a LinkedIn Growth Specialist & ghostwriter.


I am head over heels in love with LinkedIn, meeting people all around the world and being able to help businesses grow.

It forms part of my vision…

Helping business owners grow their businesses and having to employ more employees. It causes a ripple effect and impacts the communities and  unemployment rate globally.

That’s why I do what I do…

“You don’t need a fancy qualification to start your business.

Just start. “


Anzel was extremely helpful, responsive and provided valuable insights, particularly with regards to my LinkedIn profile.
Her strategy around highlighting key aspects around my profile was well defined and executed. This has led to many important connections and has given my business a positive trajectory.
Anzel also takes it upon herself to go above and beyond what is required and makes sure that your business/profile "stands out" from the crowd.

Her dedication and professionalism is of a very high standard. She is very knowledgeable and a skilled individual who I can highly recommend.
Thank you again, Anzel. Looking forward to our next project in helping me grow my business.
Rhomona Gounden
Managing Director, Rhomona G Marketing
Many thanks for your amazing assistance in ‘zooshing’ up my LinkedIn profile.

Prior to your assistance, my profile looked like my resume – boring.
Now it is looking like it should and my hit rate has increased by 100 – 150 people a day reading my profile and for that I am super grateful.

Looking forward to clenching some amazing clients with my new profile which ultimately will lead to more cash flow and we all want that.
A huge thank you and shout-out to anyone wanting to make use of Anzel services.
I would highly recommend her and would gladly refer her (which I have already done) to anyone looking for a LinkedIn expert.
Natalie Rhodes
Online Business Manager
Anzel was a great support to me whilst I built my business. Her work on building my connections, the level of engagement and the quality of daily posts and blogs was great. Her work generated a number of leads in a short period which has helped in building my business further. Thanks Anzel.
Ruth Ellison
Vice President Of Global Operations

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